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Story Behind the Affiliation

"My brilliant, beautiful, caring, sister by marriage Janine Rhodes Mura recently lost her 3 1/2 year battle with metastatic breast cancer. After her death we were touched by the outpouring of love and support that came from her sisters battling the same illness. We all knew that Janine was a big supporter of Twisted Pink, but no one in the family had been aware of her extensive involvement in an online support group for other's engaged in the same battle that ultimately took her life. Reading the beautiful words written and realizing how much Janine had done for others even while she was engaged in her own battle inspired me to want to do more to try to defeat this horrific disease. When I came back home and discussed it with my partner, he was in 100% support of having our company support the efforts of Twisted Pink. A very high percentage of our customers are middle aged women. We have created a product that makes it easier for them to engage in their passion for gardening. If by supporting the efforts of Twisted Pink we can also be part of keeping them healthy, we will have really accomplished something."  

~ Harry H. Freeman, Vice President & CFO, Spear Head Spade


Spear Head Spade will donate $10 to Twisted Pink for each Pink Shovel that is sold online.  

How To Purchase

To order please go to the online store at our website (or go directly to the store at

  1 - Order a minimum of one Model SHFD3-Pink Spear Head Spade on the Front page of the Shopping Cart
2 - Enter your billing information on the Billing Information Page
3 - Select "Flat Rate Fixed - $12" on the Package Shipping page
4 - Enter Coupon Code "TwisitedPink" on the Coupons/Payment page and then press the Apply Coupon button (you should see the price reduced by $2 when the Coupon Code is accepted) - PLEASE NOTE the coupon code is TwistedPink with no space between the words.
5 - Enter your Payment Method and then press the Place Order button.